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Country Summary:

MTI has been working in Myanmar (or Burma, as we call it in the USA) for 2 years. We partner with the Karen Baptist Convention (KBC) who, as a group of churches, runs a seminary, small hospital and community health programs throughout Myanmar. MTI provides funding, management and technical support to KBC for a community health project in the TanGu region. Community health workers (typically volunteer women) are provided with training and supervision to establish mother care groups in the villages so important health knowledge can be taught mother to mother. By focusing on maternal and child health, we are able to reduce childhood malnutrition, disease and death, and ultimately have healthier families and communities. Because 70% of the 11 million childhood deaths annually worldwide are due to preventable causes, we know that this basic health knowledge saves lives. 

MTI is wanting to transform lives and communities holistically: spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally.



The goal of this team will be to capture this impact through photos and stories of the women and children whose lives have been impacted by our project.



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