Guatemala Dental Team (140417GUDE)

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Country Summary:

Guatemala is Central America’s most populous country, with 14.3 million people, of which about 40% are indigenous descent. Although Guatemala is a lower middle-income country with an average per capita income of $2,700, this figure masks extreme inequalities that reflect the exclusion and disparity that affect indigenous and rural populations. For example, the average time in school among indigenous people is only 3.8 years while it is 6.5 years among the non-indigenous. Almost 75% of indigenous people live in poverty compared with only 36% of the non-indigenous. These large inequalities are also present between rural and urban residents. Guatemala has a national poverty rate exceeding 50% and a rate of extreme poverty of 15%. While 46% of the total population lives in rural areas, 72% of the extremely poor live in rural areas.


This team will serve in Nebaj and surrounding communities. In Pamaxan (Pa Mah shawn) 90% of the parents work cutting coffee on the plantation, earning 35Q ($4) a day.  Agros’ Project Promoters and community leaders including the Madra Guias (Mother Guides) work with about 169 children and their families in Pamaxan, 80 children in Buenos Aries, and 80 children in Via Hortensia Antigua as well.



Objective: The Dental Team will stay in Nebaj and hold the dental clinic at the Agros facility just outside Nebaj.  The team will serve the communities of Pamaxan, Buenos Aires, Via Hortensia Antigua and Horeb, treating about 45 patients per day for 4.5 days.


Greatest benefit this specific team will bring:

This direct care dental team will provide dental care to 200 (pre-screened) school-age children from the villages of Pamaxan, Buenos Aires, Villa Hortensia Antigua and the school of Horeb in San Juan Cotzal.


Challenges you expect they may encounter:

There will be all kinds of challenges, mental, physical and spiritual.  The team, with the help of each member and the MTI staff in Guatemala, will help each other overcome any obstacles they may encounter.



W.I.N.D. of God

Agros (in Nebaj)


Team members:

Adam Veitschegger, Cathleen Brueske, Ellen Broyles, Janet Steiner, Julia Bailey, Kyle Blair, Spencer Brueske, Steven Bailey, Thomas Hodge